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Welcome to my website!

By March 13, 2019 3 Comments

Welcome to my website! Can’t believe I’m saying that. I wanted to have a place where you had easy access to The Bobby Bones Show, 4 Things with Amy Brown, ESPWA® + #PIMPINJOY products, my favorite things on Amazon and more. I also wanted easy place to send you to for recipes I mention, tutorials (like hair and such) and clothes or gadgets I’m obsessed with…instead of just telling you to “google it.” Ha. 

We have a lot of fun things we plan to roll out here…and I’d love to hear from you as we go…so make sure to hit me up on Instagram (my fav), Twitter or Facebook. Also, you can shoot me a message here on the site. Love being able to connect with you…so thanks for being on this journey with me. Whoop whoop to having a website. 



  • Kate says:

    This is such a huge accomplishment! Congratulations. The website looks amazing.

  • Amy says:

    This is great!! I listen to your podcast and will always just write down the links you give out or recipes, etc.
    Now I can come straight here!! Looking forward to it!

  • I noticed you didn’t say “BOOM.” It’s ok, really. Glad there’s a website. Yay.