4 Things with Amy Brown

Big Ideas + Motivation + Guac + Crackers

By July 25, 2019 July 30th, 2019 No Comments

New episode of 4 Things with Amy Brown is up and available HERE. This week we are talking big ideas with Jeremy Cowart, the motivation hack, avocado tips and the crazy cracker trend! Also, Lisa from @thewellnecessities is amazing and is offering my listeners a special deal when signing up for her ‘Fork the Noise’ program (limited spots available). Be sure to listen to hear how to get the deal that will help your relationship with food! 

FIRST THING@JeremyCowart who was named by Forbes as “The Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” is on the podcast today to help give us all a little inspiration!! Jeremy shares with Amy about his life as a philanthropist, photographer and creator of The Purpose Hotel in Nashville. Jeremy is full of  so  many ideas. We are so inspired by him. As if that isn’t enough to make you love him he is also a father to 4 children, 2 of which he and his wife have recently adopted from Haiti. You can learn more about these projects and Jeremy’s new book at jeremycowart.com!

SECOND THING: Amy shares how this motivation hack by @melrobbins helps create new habits! Trust us, don’t procrastinate on listening to this! 

THIRD THING: ‘What the Guac?!?!’ Amy shares her trick that she heard about from @lilsipper for finding the best “bang for your buck” avocados at the store. Without opening the avocado – you’ll know if you’re getting MORE avo and less seed. In other avocado news Amy shares how to keep it from turning brown and talks about an avocado shaped air b&b called the AVO-CONDO that you can stay in. 

FOURTH THING: You definitely have to check out Amy’s newest insta follow @theskinnyconfidential (shout out Lauryn)! While cyber stalking her, Amy found out about GG Crackers, known as the ‘appetite control cracker’. Listen to hear Amy talk with her husband about how these crackers could become your new secret weapon! FYI: You will definitely want to top them with yummy stuff like avocados or even a nut butter & some jelly. YUM!