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All the “things” for this week

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New episode of “4 Things” available HERE!

FIRST THING: Jessica Honegger from Noonday Collection is back for another powerful interview! Amy & Jessica talk about perfection and how it can majorly effect your body image. “Your body is not a problem to be fixed. It is your home, to be loved and cared for and nurtured.” Embracing this truth can help free you from the mindset that could be holding you back.

SECOND THING: Are you looking for a quick and easy fix for those health and beauty issues?? I mean, who isn’t? Adam Bobo from Arete is here to give you the easiest and FREE advice to help with all areas of your life. (Spoiler Alert: ITS SLEEP!)

THIRD THING: We’re so lucky to have Jeremy Cowart back on to talk about his adoption from Haiti (just like Amy)! Jeremy & his wife have adopted two children, and he is here to get into ‘all the things’ about adoption; the good, the really hard and the “brutiful”(Brutal & Beautiful). Be prepared for lots of heartfelt honesty, inspiration and tips.

FOURTH THING: Are you washing your face the right way? Yeah, yeah…we know its simple! We’ve got some friendly tips and reminders and believe it or not, Amy wasn’t washing her face the right way! Oops!  

A favorite thing for this week: You hear me talk about my love for Stevia. Especially orange stevia. Well some said you don’t have it available at your local grocery store, so I added it to my Amazon Favorites page. You can get yourself some Stevia HERE!

LAST THING: We are super excited to debut a new tote for teachers. I think we settled on the tote below, but totally able to still customize a tote for the teacher in your life. We’re excited to announce in the next few days a fun way you could help us say THANK YOU to the incredible teachers we all love! We’ll share all the details on our ESPWA account, but be sure to keep an eye on the ESPWA site for this and other exciting products and initiatives coming soon…