4 Things with Amy Brown

Walker & Laney Hayes

By August 15, 2019 No Comments

Singer/song-writer, Walker Hayes (who wrote our theme song! + the #PIMPINJOY song ‘Joy Like Judy’) and his wife Laney join Amy for all 4 things this episode. You might laugh. You might cry. The parents of 6 kids let us in on a lot and we are so thankful that they took the time to share it all. Listen HERE.

FIRST THING: Amy is obsessed with Walker’s song “Don’t Let Her”, which was written about Laney. Every girl would love for a guy to write her a song like this. Its genius. Sorta sad. But genius. And very sweet. A must listen!!!

SECOND THING: Blessing others is fun. Walker & Laney have been on the receiving end, but now they are on the giving ned. They are paying it forward with their “Be a Craig Fund” that was inspired by their friend (named Craig) that blessed them with a van for their big family at a time when they were financially strapped and they didn’t have a car with enough seatbelts for everyone. “Be a Craig Fund” now allows them to pass the blessing of a new car on to other people that need a little help.

THIRD THING: Walker & Laney open up about the heartbreaking journey of losing their daughter Oakleigh during birth. They share about how they are getting through the grief process in hopes that it can be helpful to others who may be going through something similar.

FOURTH THING: “Life ain’t always pretty, but hey its pretty beautiful thing!” Through the good and the bad…Walker & Laney practice gratitude…so they each share 4 things they are thankful for. Be sure to check out WalkerHayes.com for his music, more information on the Be A Craig Fund, as well as the awesome merch mentioned in this episode.