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4 Things with Danielle Walker

By October 3, 2019 No Comments

3x New York Times Best Selling author of the Against all Grain cook book series, Danielle Walker, is on today’s episode and we couldn’t be more excited. Listen to the episode HERE.

FIRST THING: First things, first…FOOD! Danielle shares her journey of discovering her autoimmune disease and how changing her diet helped heal her body. She also shares lots of amazing tips and recipes that you will definitely have to check out, like her Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies {YUM}!!

Get the recipe HERE.

SECOND THING: “Healing doesn’t always look like we expect it to.” When facing a chronic illness and tragedy, it is so easy to feel nothing but despair, but Danielle shares how her FAITH has helped her through life’s difficult moments. She also shares what she uses to ground herself during a hectic season.

THIRD THING: Her FAMILY. From weekly date nights, to one-on-one time with kids and tips for eating gluten free with kiddos…we promise you will learn a life hack or two! Be sure to also check out Danielle’s website for paleo snacks that are kid approved!

Get great snack ideas from Danielle HERE.

FOURTH THING: We love hearing what people are grateful for, but we have to admit that we are feeling extra grateful for the awesome mascara and pumpkin spice latte hacks that Danielle shares with us!