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4 Things with Bob Goff

By October 24, 2019 No Comments

So excited to share this episode with you! You can listen HERE.

FIRST THING: He is a New York Times bestselling author and encourager to millions, I am so excited for you to hear my conversation with Bob Goff! We talk about his first bestseller, “Love Does” and what it takes to start putting love into action.

You can purchase “Love Does” HERE.

SECOND THING: “Everybody Always” Bob’s second book is all about living your life without fear, constraint, or worry. Through Goff’s inspirational and entertaining stories, you will be inspired to go out and love others. He even gives me some great advice on fixing a misunderstanding with a neighbor.

THIRD THING: Are you dreaming big? Bob gives us the framework for navigating those dreams, our talents and developing clarity for your next step.

You can purchase “Everybody Always” or Bob’s new Devotional “Live In Grace, Walk In Love” HERE.

FOURTH THING: As someone who just radiates positivity and love, we are so excited to hear Bob’s attitude on gratitude. Oh, and listen to find out why he only gives his wife a daisy with 3 petals…it will make you smile!