4 Things with Amy Brown

Lisa. Meri. Caroline. Sarah.

By August 29, 2019 No Comments

New episode up for the week! Listen HERE.

FIRST THING: Have you ever had a night of ‘indulging’ in certain foods that left you feeling like you had to punish yourself with a rigid workout or eating plan to get back on track? Well, Lisa from @thewellnecessities is back to talk with Amy about her how addiction to exercise ruled her life…but she’s now free from it…and she wants that for anyone feeling stuck in that indulge/workout cycle like she did for so long.

SECOND THING: Amy’s BFF & ESPWA partner in crime, Meri Barnes, joins Amy to talk about being a “second mom” after Amy got an email from someone saying they hadn’t heard of adoptive parents having that perspective before. Also, you don’t want to miss Facebook Live on Friday September 6th with Meri & Amy. It’s for their ‘Teacher #4ThingsTote Project’…& you will finally be able to sponsor a tote for a teacher, YAY!! So get ready for some QVC action. It will be a fun night!!!

THIRD THING: Pumped to have Caroline Hobby, here for some real talk about everything from the importance of community and being vulnerable. “We’re all just in on this human experience and nobody is getting out of here without some scars and bruises.” Caroline is a fellow podcaster who sits down with the wives of country music biggest stars…be sure to check out ‘Get Real with Caroline Hobby.’

FOURTH THING: Amy shares a little nugget of wisdom from a life coach, Sarah Sherwood, about a main myth of vulnerability. This might be just what you need to hear to finally get vulnerable.