4 Things with Amy Brown

4 Things with Kelly Leveque

By September 5, 2019 50 Comments

So pumped to have celebrity nutritionist and author Kelly Leveque on today’s episode to talk with Amy about all things food & health related!

FIRST THING: Amy and Kelly reminisce about the time they went on a trip for 4-days with NO FOOD. Wait, what?? Yep. Amy, her sister {Cristi} and Meri went on a “fasting trip” with Kelly. Fasting like this has some major health benefits {has nothing to do with weight loss BTW} when done properly and guided by a PROFESSIONAL…Kelly shares these benefits. We also get to know Kelly a little when she shares 4 things she is grateful for!

SECOND THING: With so many fad diets and news articles coming out daily about what we should or shouldn’t be eating, its so easy to feel lost on what to do. Well Kelly has an amazingly simple approach to what you should have on every plate and in every smoothie to make sure you feel your best + satisfied…and we, of course, love that its just 4 things!

THIRD THING: Do you struggle with hormone issues…mood swings, acne, cravings???? Kelly & Amy discuss how the way you eat can balance out your hormones!

FOURTH THING: Kelly shares her favorite on-the-go/travel ready snacks that are sure to keep you going strong with your busy schedules. 

Check out bewellbykelly.com for recipes and information and pre-order Kelly’s latest book Body Love Everyday!!