4 Things with Amy Brown

New “Things” for the Week!

By September 12, 2019 No Comments

This week’s episode is available HERE!

FIRST THING: Have you ever tried facial ice rolling? Amy’s friend Andrea comes on to talk about the benefits and how to do it. It may just change your skin care routine & give you instant results to help with puffiness and redness while also firming up your skin and who doesn’t want that??

SECOND THING: Amy catches up with an old high school friend, Erica Brennes, who just started a blog because…well…she’s a real mom and she’s real tired. Erica is on to share some game day tips and product hacks for bringing a baby to a football game. She also shares the BEST clear purses that are a must have for your next concert or sporting event!

THIRD THING: Bethany is back to give us an update on her breast explant surgery and the improvement she has already seen with her breast implant illness! We also get the scoop on her new book that will be full of amazing new recipes that are perfect for those who struggle with digestive issues.

FOURTH THING: Amy has one of those awesome Himalayan salt lamps in her room and she loves it. However, she wasn’t sure if the benefits were real, so she did a little research for herself and shares her findings. P.S. Amy’s husband joins her for the intro and outro and they share a topic they will be discussing on a future episode (since a lot of people requested that Amy please do a segment with him soon!) P.S.S. There’s a super limited “Basic” Fall #4Things Sweatshirt that Meri and Amy just decided to make available – it’s super cute and you need it for fall…especially if you like these “basic” fall things: SWEATERS. FALL LEAVES. PUMPKIN SPICE. COZY NIGHTS. 

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